Lopi Radiant Plus Medium Gas Insert


Lopi Radiant Plus Medium Gas Insert

The Radiant Plus Medium gas insert by Lopi is a simple design and with simple controls, making it one of our Best Value Units! This model is great for heating small to medium sized spaces. This model come in two variations a millivolt unit or GreenSmart Basic (GSB) unit. The millivolt unit has a continuous pilot light going with a 7 day shut off timer. The 7 day timer means that if you do not use the unit within 7 days of last use the pilot will automatically shut off. While the GSB unit has the option to use an intermediate pilot light while still having a continuous pilot. If you do not want to hassle with restarting the pilot light the GSB unit is for you and all you have to do is flip a switch then hit on.

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Flame Height Adjustment: Standard
Variable Speed Fan: Optional
Back Burner Turnoff: N/A
Accent Lights: N/A
On/Off Switch: Standard
Remote: Optional



Heating Capacity: Up to 1,250 Sq. Feet,,
Maximum BTU Input: 25,000 BTU’s / Hour
Minimum Fireplace Opening: 19.5” H x 26.5” W x 14.875” D


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