Kingsman IDV24/ IDV34/IDV44 Gas Insert


Kingsman IDV24/ IDV34/ IDV44 Gas Inserts

Convert your wood burning fireplace to gas, for a new standard of warmth, beauty, safety and convenience. Kingsman gas inserts are complete units that fit into existing wood fireplaces. They require no additions such as glass doors or screens, and consist of a combustion chamber with gas logs. They are installed in an existing chimney, with an approved flue liner. The Kingsman IDV24/ IDV34/ IDV44 gas inserts have dual burners with glowing embers. A millivolt valve system allows operation during power failure with heat and flame adjustment. Matchless piezo ignition, ceramic glass and a split oak fiber log set are standard features. The heat activated blower has a variable speed control or can be turned off when you are looking for an ambiance fire. Optional features include designer doors, remote controls, thermostats, and clean view kits.



  • BTU Low: 16,750 (NG) ; 20,000(LP)
  • BTU High: 24,000 (NG) ; 24,000 (LP)


  • BTU Low: 20,900 (NG) ; 23,100 (LP)
  • BTU High: 31,000 (NG) ; 28,500 (LP)


  • BTU Low: 24,000 (NG) ; 22,840 (LP)
  • BTU High: 34,250 (NG) ; 30,000 (LP)

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