Tempest Torch – Fire Garden


Tempest Torch – Fire Garden

The Tempest Torches and Lanterns offers a verity of display options for a personalized look: short or tall post versions, wall mounted, without a base for those wanting to construct something unique or utilize an existing feature. You can hook up the Tempest Torch to a 110-24v transformer for certain torches then to a wall switch for easy lighting.


  • Two Sizes: The 20K Tempest Lantern™ or the 50K Tempest Lantern which is 40% Larger.
  • Available in an all-weather 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system or Manual Piezo Ignition (20 K models only), either in Natural Gas or Propane.
  • Can be installed in four different ways: Ground Post, Deck Post, Pillar Mount, or Wall Mount.
  • Has an automatic gas shutoff as an added safety feature.
  • Durable high temperature black powder coated frame & cap
  • 20K Lantern Maximum BTU Input: 20,000 (NG/LP)
  • 50K Lantern Maximum BTU Input: 50,000 (NG), 45,000 (LP)

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