Andrea said...

"I love my Energy Savers fireplace! In April I had them out to do a conversion from wood-burning to gas. I thought I’d have little opportunity to use the fireplace until next winter, but sadly I was wrong! It’s been chilly many mornings and it is so convenient and cozy to click the remote and have the cheery flames pop up. It takes off the morning chill in no time.
The staff at Energy Savers was friendly, knowledgeable, and very efficient. I highly recommend them."

Steve said...

"Honest and trustworthy. Very patient and take the extra time to suit your needs. Laura and the Service Tech that came out were educating and not pushy."

Andrea said...

"The staff at Energy Savers makes sure you have the right equipment for your needs. They don't try and upsell at all, and they explained features that I had on my existing fireplace, that I never knew how to use. I definitely recommend them!"

Dan said...

"If you're looking for a five star product and five star service Laura and the great people at Energy Savers are the ones to check out. Energy Savers has things for inside and outside your home for fire Rings or a variety of fireplaces for inside your home."

Mike said...

"I just want to take a moment to appreciate the people we've worked with at Energy Savers in Oakdale, Minnesota while selecting a gas fireplace for our home. Our first encounter upon entering the store was with Laurie. She was extremely thorough regarding all of the units she showed us and did an excellent job of bringing out the uniqueness of each stove. We really appreciated Laurie's personality and overall concern for our needs. We also want to send kudo's out to Craig and Jeff, Energy Savers' installation team. They came prepared and were very professional in making sure that our install was completed with an eye on the details..."

Energy Savers is excited to carry three lines of masonry finishing products: Boulder Creek for manufactured stone, Baltazar for real stone, and Norstone for real stone tiles and planks.

*Visit the Energy Savers showroom in Oakdale, Minnesota to see several examples of  stone installed as well as view and be able to check out samples of stone to bring back home or to your project site.


Benefits of Manufactured Stone include:

    • Manufactured stone is lighter in weight compared to real stone, allowing customers to install virtually anywhere.
    • Installation and time to install is less, due to the ease of cutting and the stone being less in weight.
    • Manufactured stone is built to last, with the stone being concrete, it weathers well and is non combustible.
    • Price point of the stone and the installation are usually less due to resources to make the stone and installing the stone taking less time/effort.


Benefits of Real Stone include:

  • Manufactured stone cannot be used if it is broken or does not fit in a certain space.
  • Thin veneer is available in all the natural colors and blends of a standard full depth stone.
  • Each piece is unique and there is no risk of having a repeating pattern on installations. This can be an issue with manufactured stone patterns.
  • Unlike manufactured stone, natural thin stone can be custom cut and blended to meet your specifications. A designers dream!
  • Corner pieces can be cut to your specifications, if you need them in angles other than 90 degrees.


Benefits of Real Stone include:

  • Thin veneer is available giving the look and feel of standard depth stone.
  • Tile and Planks are perfect for backsplashes, pools, showers, or retaining walls which are seeking a contemporary design with natural stone veneer.
  • Corner pieces can be cut to your specifications, if you need them in angles other than 90 degrees.