Marquis Solace Series Gas Fireplaces



Marquis Solace Series

Gas Fireplaces

The Solace series is our simplest gas fireplace that we offer. Marquis offers three different size units in the series 36, 42, 47 and two options for BTU output. The Solace series has many options to customize how you want the inside of your fireplace to look. These units are best for small to medium size rooms.

*We currently show this model on display in our showroom.


Solace ll 36 Solace ll 42 Solace 47
Flame Height Adjustment: Standard Standard Standard
Variable Speed Fan: Optional Optional Optional
Back Burner Turnoff: N/A N/A N/A
Accent Lights: Optional Optional Optional
Wall Switch: Standard Standard Standard
Remote: Optional Optional Optional
Pilot Light: Millivolt/IPI Millivolt/IPI Millivolt/IPI



Solace ll 36 Solace ll 42 Solace 47
Heating Capacity: 1,200 Sqft 1,200 Sqft 2,000 Sqft
Maximum BTU Input: 24,000 BTU’s/Hr 24,000 BTU’s/Hr 40,000 BTU’s/Hr
Venting: Top Vent Top Vent Top Vent
Glass Type Tempered Tempered Ceramic


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