Mantel Mount TV Mounts



Creativity at its finest with the Mantel Mount TV Mount system! You are now able to mount your TV above your mantel and be able to pull it down in front of your fireplace for optimum viewing height. Even more, this system allows you to tilt your TV and swivel from side to side. This company didn’t stop there, you can mount to sheet rock perfectly in between standard 16″ studs, or be mounted to concrete, brick or stone using concrete anchors (from a hardware store). Additionally, their patented adjustable stops and auto straightening, patented heat sensing color changing handles and paint-able wall covers hiding the hardware make this an easy decision. This flexible product allows you to have your TV tucked up on the wall to comply with clearance requirements for the fireplace and easily pull it down for the game or movie night. Stop in or call us for additional information!

*The Mantel Mount system is on display at our Energy Savers showroom located in Oakdale, MN.

Sizes & Specifications:

MM340: For TV’s 44 – 80″, 20 – 90 Lbs
MM540: For TV’s 44 – 80″, 20 – 90 Lbs
MM700: For TV’s 49 – 90″, 30 – 115 Lbs
MM750: For TV’s 55 – 100″, 30 – 125 Lbs
MM860: For TV’s 55 – 100″, 30 – 125 Lbs

Available Accessories for Mounting:

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