Lopi Greenfield Deluxe 3 Sided View Gas Stove (10% Off Unit Spring Sale)

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Lopi Greenfield Cast Iron Gas Stove

At Energy Savers, we love the Greenfield gas stove. This stove is a high performer giving you the potential of heating 2,000 square feet, but having the ability to turn it down up to 82%. The selling point of this stove is also its 553 Square Inches of the Ceramic Glass view of the fire. If it’s too warm for using your stove – just turn on the top accent light and highlight the beauty in the detail of the logs without having the fire on!


Flame Height Adjustment: Standard
Variable Speed Fan: Standard
Back Burner Turnoff: Standard
Accent Lights: Standard
Remote: Standard
Pilot Light: Interchangeable Millivolt/IPI



Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input 40,000 BTU’s / Hour


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