Hearthstone Lincoln TruHybrid Wood Stove (10% Off Unit Spring Sale)

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Hearthstone Lincoln TruHybrid Wood Stove

The Lincoln is the smallest of our soapstone series and also the smallest of all our wood stoves we offer. This stove is not only functional for the small space but beautiful with the soapstone on the outside of the stove. The benefit of soapstone is that it retains more heat than any other material. This stove is perfect for a tiny home, small cabin, porch, library, and more. We are all in agreement that this wood stove is adorable!

*This stove is currently on display at the Energy Savers Fireplaces showroom located in Oakdale, MN.

*This model qualifies for the 30% Biomass tax credit!



Variable Speed Fan: Optional
Fresh Air Kit: Optional
Electronic Ignition Kit: N/A
Interior: Soap Stone
Side Load Door: N/A
Ash Drawer: N/A



Heating Capacity: Up to 575 Sq. Ft.
Maximum BTU: Up to 23,000 BTU / Hr.
Firebox Volume: 1.0 Cubic Feet
Heat Life: Up to 9.5 Hours
Maximum Log Length: Up to 18 Inches
Venting: 6″


For more information and pictures: Hearthstone Lincoln Wood Stove

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