Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 TruHybrid Wood Stove


Hearthstone Green Mountain 40 TruHybrid Wood Stove

The Green Mountain series takes a traditional cast iron stove and brings it to a more modern feel. This stove is not only functional but beautiful. This stove is a perfect heater for a smaller space that is wanting a large view and great heat.

*This stove is currently on display at the Energy Savers Fireplaces showroom located in Oakdale, MN.



Variable Speed Fan: Optional
Fresh Air Kit: Optional
Electronic Ignition Kit: N/A
Spark Screen: N/A
Side Load Door: N/A
Ash Drawer: Standard



Heating Capacity: Up to 1,400 Sq. Ft.
Maximum BTU: Up to 40,000 BTU / Hr.
Firebox Volume: 1.32 Cubic Feet
Maximum Burn Time: Up to 20 Hours *Heat Life
Maximum Log Length: Up to 16 Inches
Venting: 6″


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