FireplaceX 564 35K Gas Fireplace



FireplaceX 564 35K Gas Fireplace

The 564 35k can be top vented or rear vented depending how you wish to run the venting. This unit is pretty customizable with lots of face options to choose from along with different interior, and log set options as well. This will modernize any room to want to add a fireplace to or you could keep a traditional looking fireplace. With the 35,000 BTU this version of the 564 will be great for medium to larger size rooms, such as family rooms, living rooms, and basements.

*We currently show the in the 564 35K faced model and the 864 clean faced model on display in our showroom.


Flame Height Adjustment: Standard
Variable Speed Fan: Standard
Back Burner Turnoff: Standard
Accent Lights: Standard
Wall Switch: N/A
Remote: Wall Mount Multi Functional Thermostat Remote is Standard
Pilot Light: Interchangeable Millivolt & IPI



Heating Capacity: Up to 1,700 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input: 35,000 BTU’s / Hour


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