With Minnesota and Western Wisconsin weather, you never know how long we can be kept indoors due to cold temperatures. Keeping your family warm is a necessity, but it’s understandable that you don’t look forward to paying the bill each month. You can eliminate the pangs of a high electric bill by installing fireplace inserts into your already existing wood fireplaces. At Energy Savers, we’ve seen homeowners reduce their energy bill by 40% just by changing their heating source.

Why Fireplace Inserts

616 FPX Gas Insert

FireplaceX 616 Gas Fireplace Insert with Shadowbox Face and Driftwood Logset

The cost of fuel fluctuates too much to rely on that as the sole source of heat for your home. Individuals who are heating their home by burning wood in wooden stoves are saving money, but they have to worry about how to vent the stove. With a fireplace insert in your fireplace you already have an easy way of venting the insert through the existing chimney.

How to Choose a Fireplace Insert

Before you purchase and have the fireplace installation in Woodbury and surrounding cities, you need to know how to choose the best insert for your fireplace. Most people think that they should make the decision based on looks, but there is more to it than the appearance.

First, choose whether you would like to have a wood, gas, or pellet fireplace insert.  You also have the option of choosing an electric fireplace insert. Your choice will namely be based on what heating source you have operating in your home currently and what you are more comfortable with for operation and maintenance.

Next, we recommend that you measure and bring those measurements with you into Energy Savers showroom located in Oakdale Minnesota. We will make sure that the fireplace insert you choose will fit your fireplace snugly.

Finally, you should consider how effective the insert is relative to the size of your room. If you have a big room then you need to ensure that the insert is capable of heating a large room without wasting energy.

Mantel and Surrounds

With an updated look to your fireplace you may want to update the mantel, so the look is fluid. We offer custom mantels and surrounds so that you have a polished look when you finish the installation. You can choose from a traditional mantel, a rustic mantel, or a contemporary mantel to incorporate your new fireplace insert seamlessly. Energy Savers also has several ideas how to reface your current fireplace with new stone or tile.

When you are ready to start saving money with a new fireplace insert, give us a call at Energy Savers. We are always willing and able to help people save their money while remaining warm. We have 6 and 12 month interest free financing available as well!