Late summer or fall is a smart time for homeowners to start looking towards the fall season. Waiting until cold weather hits to address certain home issues often means paying more or getting on a long waiting list.

HVAC Maintenance

Having a HVAC company come check out your system is a good idea to do twice a year in preparation for the hot summer days and cold winter weather. Regular maintenance can reduce the need for repairs and will keep your system working properly.

Fireplace Maintenance and Chimney Cleaning

For homes that have fireplaces, getting the chimney cleaned and the fireplace checked is important for avoiding home fires or damage to your unit. Fireplace maintenance in St. Paul typically includes a chimney cleaning, as well as an inspection of the caps, flue and flashing. The flue keeps out cold air when the fire is not burning, but needs to open before a fire is started in the fireplace so the smoke will escape. The flashing keeps out the rain and prevents water damage at the point where the chimney emerges from the roof. As a part of general homeowner maintenance, it is required to re-calk the flashing once a year.


Weather strips and calking may need to be added to the home to avoid drafts that cause a higher energy consumption. Often, the doors and windows are the key areas where air can draft in.

Power Outage Preparedness

Winter time may mean facing dangerous weather, subzero temperatures and power outages. Unlike outages in the summer, winter outages can be dangerous due to freezing temperatures. Most homeowners take the fall time to prepare their generators, emergency food storage, check batteries in their gas fireplaces and stock up on any necessary supplies that are easy to store. It is always smart for a homeowner living in the Twin Cities or western Wisconsin areas to stay prepared in case power is lost for several days and roads are too difficult to travel on.

Gutter Cleaning

Fall leaves can block up the gutters and cause stoppage in the draining system for the house. When the snow or ice melts during the winter or spring, stoppage in the gutters can lead to leaks or flooding. Homeowners often take the late fall time – after most leaves have fallen – to clean out their gutters in preparation for winter.

Tilling, Trimming and Planting

Finally, homeowners can often prune back their trees and bushes in the late fall for a healthier plant come spring. Gardens can be tilled to prepare them for the spring planting season when tilling can sometimes be a challenge due to wet ground. Grass seed can be planted during early fall when the days are wet and cool, promoting the same kind of rapid growth that spring does.

Energy Savers can’t help with all of these areas, but we can help with general fireplace maintenance services as well as chimney sweep services. Contact Energy Savers today.