The Lopi Republic 1750 Wood Stove is a great medium sized stove for any home or cabin

Depending upon the part of the country, some people are already experiencing colder temperatures. As temperatures drop, many homeowners look forward to wrapping themselves up in a blanket and curl up in front of a warm wood fireplace or wood stove with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. However, if the wood fireplace or wood stove is not used or maintained correctly, it will not heat up the room efficiently. An improperly working wood fireplace can reduce its effectiveness to heat the house.


Check all of the seals in the fireplace, especially around the flue damper, ash tray, fireplace door and fireplace glass. If the seals are not tight or appear to have damage, this can cause heat loss when a fire is burning. It can also allow heat to escape the house, which will increase heating bills.

Masonry Chimneys

Have the chimney insulated. Insulated chimney liners will help reduce the amount of creosote build-up, which can reduce the overall efficiency of the fireplace. The insulation liner will also help prevent the chimney masonry from becoming damaged from corrosive byproducts caused by gasses from the fireplace.


Homeowners should have their chimney regularly inspected. Inspections should be done by sweeps certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America every year. The chimney sweep can offer maintenance advice and assistance with ensuring the fireplace operates safely and efficiently. Homeowners in the Twin City and Western Wisconsin area should contact their local fireplace maintenance company for assistance with the inspection. Energy Savers works with preferred local chimney sweeps, contact us today for a referral.


When selecting wood to burn in a fireplace, make sure that it is completely dried and seasoned. Wet wood can cause the fireplace to smoke excessively and in the end is a waste of energy. Wood should be stored in a dry place and covered to prevent it from getting damp before burning.


Improving circulation within a home will help increase the efficiency of the fireplace. Run ceiling fans counterclockwise on a low speed. This will help push trapped hot air by the ceiling down into the room. Your home could also have negative air pressure issues. Contact Energy Savers with how to add an outside air kit to your home for better drafting.

Before temperatures get too cold, do a quick check of the fireplace and ensure it is in full operating condition. This will help keep the home warm and help reduce those winter heating bills. It will also help make the place in front of the fireplace a comfortable place to relax and keep warm. A great time to do this is in the Spring after the burning season has finished. It gives plenty of time to order any fireplace replacement parts if needed. You will then be ready for burning in the fall when the first chill hits!