Springtime is a great time to think about installing a wood fireplace in the White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Stillwater and St. Paul surrounding cities. Construction is easier in good weather, prices are better (especially during our Annual Spring Sale), and there are no delays in the installation caused by inclement weather.

The Lopi Endeavor Wood Stove is an all-time classic that is still today’s top selling wood stove!

Zoning for Energy Savings
Another great reason to add a fireplace or a stove (that runs on gas, pellets, or wood), is the energy-savings philosophy of thinking about each room as its own heating zone. Zoning of centralized systems is possible as well, but often that system upgrade is costly.

The goal of any efficient home heating system is to provide comfort in all occupied rooms and not waste energy heating unused rooms. There is also a question of aesthetics. Many homeowners prefer the warm glow of a fireplace or a stand-alone stove that adds style to a room. A fireplace or stove quickly brings a room to a toasty warm temperature, but does not need to be operating when the room is unoccupied.

The smell of burning wood is also pleasant to most. Different woods burn with delightful aromas. For example, when burning, apple, hickory, pear, or walnut wood, each wood creates a distinctive aroma. Wood pellets are available with non-toxic additives that create an exotic aroma when burning. However, if you don’t like the smell of wood burning, a lot of our wood burners are sealed systems! Or you can go the gas fireplace route and have zero chance of the wood burning smell.

Outside Fire Pits
Outside fire pits are very popular and create a comfortable space on the patio or in the backyard. Family and friends enjoy being outside on chilly night, sitting round the fire pit, enjoying a cup of brandied eggnog for the adults and hot chocolate for the children. Energy Savers has both gas fire pits and wood fire pits in stock ready to buy and install!

Holiday Season Starts in July
It just makes perfect sense to think about Christmas in July, right? Maybe not for all, but go ahead with an installation project to avoid the wintertime season rush. After all the summer holidays pass, the next holiday that is an American favorite is Thanksgiving. And we all know how that holiday creeps up quickly.

A fireplace and a holiday gathering are a perfect combination. It is a great idea to turn off the television, turn off the mobile phones, and enjoy actually having a conversation with another human being while having your fireplace running. The Amish, who avoid modern technology, know how good it feels to share family time, telling stories around a fireplace. Many other Americans have forgotten this gentle pleasure of just being together. Energy Savers in Oakdale, Minnesota can help you!

Human beings have been sitting around fires, telling stories to each other, since they first discovered fire. During the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt became popular with his evening radio shows; he called “fireside chats.” Even in contemporary America, it is possible to recapture this feeling. To create this wonderful experience requires a little imagination, maybe a good storybook to read aloud, and a fireplace or stove from Energy Savers.