Adding a FireplaceX DVS Gas Insert doesn’t have to break the bank, and it adds resale value!

Homeowners who want to update their home might consider choosing an update that commonly falls into wish lists for future buyers. Rather than simply make a personalized update that has no ROI, homeowners may want to look into updates they can appreciate that will also improve the value of their home.

Small Home Updates

Small houses, or those in less expensive neighborhoods, often can’t support lavish updates. Buyers who choose these houses are looking for economy prices and will not return the investment if it is made on something extravagant. Key upgrades for lower-priced houses are typically very practical, such as siding, flooring or a new roof. Bathrooms or the kitchen may be updated modestly to a style that matches the home. Landscaping can also pay off for homes in this price range, inviting visitors and potential buyers to enjoy the approach. Finishing a space, such as a basement, attic loft or adding a room, can create a larger floor plan that might be more attractive to a bigger family looking for economy housing.

Mid-Size Home Updates

Homes that are on the larger size and in a nice neighborhood are more likely to go to upper-middle class families who are looking for luxury features within reason. Homeowners who want to make smart upgrades to a mid-level home might consider revamping the kitchen or adding a focal point, like gas fireplaces in White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Stillwater and Hudson areas. A swimming pool or outside home office space could also be potential additions that appreciate in value. Homeowners in this price range also tend to look for more efficient heating and cooling systems, as well as updated features overall – including light fixtures, handles, outlets and windows.

Large Home Updates

For huge homes with plenty of space in wealthier neighborhoods, certain updates could make or break the home. Updates in this price range should never be cheap or look to trim expenses. Often, key features include lavish updates, like outdoor living spaces, indoor basketball courts, indoor swimming pools, extensive gardens, gourmet kitchens, home theater spaces and more. If the home does not feature a fireplace, a large garage or a bathroom on every floor, then a homeowner should consider these options first.

Prime Location Updates

For the owners of lofts and apartments in high-demand areas, the best updates save space and add convenience. Updates to these smaller spaces might include creative nooks to store a bike or add a home office. Updates might come in the form of built-in furniture that is storable or has storage options. Flooring or windows might also be important updates for spaces like these that are often older. Even an Electric fireplace that is included with the sale can go a long way at giving your home a competitive edge.

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