Lopi’s DVS Greensmart Gas Insert has green technology with high turn down ratios

More and more homeowners are trying to be environmentally friendly. Being green includes everything from selecting the right appliances and using renewable resources such as bamboo when adding flooring or decorating the home. Just like taking the time to research and find the perfect environmentally-friendly appliances, it is important to find a high-efficiency fireplace.  Or at least use one that will not negatively impact the environment.

Fireplace Inserts

Twin City homeowners with existing wood burning fireplaces may want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient wood burning insert or energy efficient gas burning insert. Depending on the situation, wood burning fireplace inserts and even pellet burning fireplace inserts are more environmentally-friendly than gas burning ones. Everything from using renewable wood or pellets to properly insulating the fireplace will help reduce the impact using it has on the environment.

If you go the wood burning insert route, be sure to purchase an insert that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If the insert has been approved, it means it will meet all EPA smoke and emission standards. This will turn an existing fireplace into a greener option which will help heat the home, with minimal impact on the environment. There is also a Biomass Tax Credit available for year 2016. Be sure to check with the fireplace manufacturer and your tax consultant to make sure you meet the qualifications.

Air flow

Improving the home’s air flow will help increase the efficiency of the fireplace, reducing the amount of wood or energy that is needed to heat the home. Turning ceiling fans to run on low in a counterclockwise movement will help push hot air through the room. This will reduce the amount of time the fireplace runs, thus helping with being green.

Greenhouse gases

Using a wood burner produces less greenhouse gases. This is because it uses renewable wood as a fuel source instead of using fuels that produce high levels of carbon dioxide. Wood is part of a natural process that uses and creates carbon dioxide. When wood is burned it only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air as if the tree died naturally and left to rot.

It is possible to keep the home green, especially when there is a fireplace. Those homeowners who want their homes to be more environmentally-friendly will be able to do so by doing a few things to ensure their fireplaces run more eco-friendly. Doing so will help keep the home warm, reduce energy bills and help reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Stop by Energy Savers in Oakdale Minnesota on the eastern side of the Twin Cities to consult with a knowledgable sales representative. We will narrow you into a product that will be the right fit for you and work with any budget constraints you may have.