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The fireplace in a home is one place where energy can escape, which increases a homeowner’s heating and cooling bills. Poorly sealed fireplaces and chimneys allow room for energy to escape and over time, high amounts of heat and/or cool air can be lost. Taking a few precautions to fix and insulate the fireplace will help prevent heat loss during the winter months, thus keeping heating bills down.


Removable fireplace covers are available and fit just about any standard sized fireplace. These are less expensive than glass doors and will fit tightly around the opening to the fireplace, preventing any heat loss through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use.


Fireplace doors are designed to fit the opening to the fireplace and when closed help limit the amount of air that escapes the home through the chimney. Glass fireplace doors are common and can also add a decorative touch to a fireplace. Energy Savers located between St. Paul and Stillwater carries a wonderful quality line of custom sized fireplace doors through Stoll Fireplace Door company. Energy Savers provides free in home estimates for custom fireplace doors and fireplace screens.

Flue sealers and dampers

A flue sealer is a removable stopper that will help prevent air from within the home from escaping through the chimney. These inflatable devices are very easy to install and remove. Just make sure flue has been thoroughly cleaned before installing a flue sealer. Energy Savers sells and installs a great top sealing damper system known as the Chimilator. Call Energy Savers at 651-770-0650 for an over the phone estimate or stop in the showroom to see the damper system on display.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are designed with fans that help circulate warm air back into the room. In addition to recirculating escaping heat back into the home, heat exchangers help increase the heating capacity of fireplaces by up to ten percent.


Inserts are available that help seal off the chimney and improves fireplace heating efficiency by up to 80 percent. Double and single wall units are available with standard air-circulating fans. It is best to see professional assistance when looking to install fireplace inserts as a means of preventing heat from escaping through the chimney.

Those with gas fireplaces in the St. Paul and Woodbury area can take a few steps this summer to fix, repair, upgrade and ensure their fireplace is sealed before next winter arrives. This will help keep the heat inside the home and reduce the chances of high heating bills as a result of heat escaping through the fireplace. Call Energy Savers today!