FireplaceX 564 Space Saver Gas Fireplace with a Custom Full Surround Mantel Adds Focal Point to Any Room!

Whether it’s electric, wood burning or gas, fireplaces acquired in St. Paul or surrounding cities of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin are a welcome addition to homes for a variety of reasons. In years past, fireplaces were the main form of heat and provided a way to prepare meals. As a result, they were a crucial part of every home. Today, they are not as necessary, but they are still beneficial. This makes them a welcome addition to virtually any home.

Saves Energy:

The cost of heating a home can be lowered tremendously when a fireplace is used to supplement or even to provide all the heat needed in a home. Due to the presence of an efficient fireplace, homeowners are able to turn off their heat, or at least very least reduce their energy usage. Consequently, they will likely notice a drastic reduction in their heating bill.

Provides a Means of Independence:

Fireplaces also provide homeowners with a means of independence from the power grid or local utility companies. Homeowners will be able to cook and heat their homes even if their power goes out. This means they will be better prepared for natural disasters, such as winter storms that often knock out power for days.

Increases Home Value:

In some parts of the country, having a fireplace can add $12,000 to the value of a home. Although in most parts of the country that figure would be high, adding a fireplace universally increases a home’s value, no matter where in the country the home is located. In fact, according to the National Center for Real Estate Research, a fireplace can increase a home’s value by anywhere from 6 to 12%.

Adds Beauty and Ambience:

If all the reasons listed above were not enough, adding a fireplace also adds beauty and class to a home. A well constructed fireplace is as valuable as a lovely high-quality piece of art. Homeowners looking to add style and class to their home will find the addition of a fireplace advantageous, as fireplaces do wonders to a home’s appearance and overall ambience.

The relaxing, calming nature of a fireplace is just one of the many reasons they make a welcome addition to a home. They also offer other more practical benefits as listed above. In addition to the fireplace itself, homeowners can also incorporate beautiful accessories, such as fireplace doors and screens into their home. Therefore, the benefits of a fireplace cannot be overstated. If you want to explore this option, call or stop in the showroom of Energy Savers located near Woodbury for a free consultation. It may be more affordable than you would expect and we do offer 6 to 12 month interest free financing options.