Energy Savers is a Woodbury, White Bear and Stillwater area based company that offers fireplace installation, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves, fire pits, masonry products, mantels and cabinetry. We have been in business for forty years and have a reputation for offering high quality products and installing them in a professional, safe and easy to use manner.

We offer gas, electric, pellet and wood fireplaces. Each one of our fireplace options is high quality; however, we understand that the best option for any given home will naturally depend on your preferences, the size of your living room, your budget and other factors. Listed in the following is an overview of our three most popular types of fireplaces so that you can make a wise, well-informed decision.

Gas Fireplaces

Lopi DVL Gas Fireplace Insert featuring Wilmington Face and Brick Interior

Lopi DVL Gas Fireplace Insert featuring Wilmington Face and Brick Interior

We have over half a dozen gas fireplace brand options, including Marquis, Kingsman, Ambiance, FireplaceX, Lopi and Avalon. All our fireplaces have fully sealed combustion chambers to prevent gas leaks and maintain high air quality in the home.

Gas fireplace styles include elegant, modern and rustic. We offer a number of finish options and provide gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts that burn either natural gas or propane.

Wood Fireplaces

The main advantage of a wood fireplace is that it will burn even when the power goes out. At the same time, wood fireplaces are also energy efficient and create a warm home ambiance that simply cannot be recreated with other fireplace options.

Our wood fireplaces are available in various sizes, brand names and finish options and have been approved by the EPA. Alternatively, we offer decorative wood fireplaces for those who simply want to improve the ambiance in their home.

Electric Fireplaces

FireplaceX 564E Electric Fireplace featuring Custom Cabinet

FireplaceX 564E Electric Fireplace featuring Custom Cabinet

We offer three brands of electric fireplaces. These are Amantii, FireplaceX, and Dimplex. Each brand name is available in different sizes and any one of these electric fireplaces can easily be installed in a bedroom or living room.

If you are not sure which type of fireplace would best suit your needs, feel free to check out our fireplace photos online. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to pay us a visit anytime at our showroom in Oakdale, Minnesota, look over our different fireplaces and talk to one of our knowledgable and experienced sales representatives about your needs. We offer a high level of customer service and will explain the pros and cons of each fireplace to you so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs. We also do custom installation jobs for each of our products to ensure that it looks great and works perfectly in your home.