Many people think of a fireplace as a place to burn logs inside, but in reality, many homes are outfitted with gas versions instead. There are many reasons to choose gas fireplaces in St. Paul. Here are some of the top ones:


Lopi's Bed and Breakfast Gas Fireplace is great for small spaces!

Lopi’s Bed and Breakfast Gas Fireplace is great for small spaces!

Installing a wood-burning fireplace requires making or venting a big, substantial chimney. If one doesn’t already exist, this adds thousands of dollars to the cost of the project. Since the chimney is so big, it’ll also be very prominent. This is fine for houses that are made of brick or siding, but it can look out of place on homes that are made of stucco, concrete, or other such materials. In these cases, additional expense will be needed in order to put a fitting facade on the chimney.

While gas fireplaces do require chimneys, they don’t need ones that are nearly as big as those used for wood-burning fireplaces. That’s because gas burns cleanly, so there isn’t nearly as much smoke or exhaust to get rid of. In fact, the lack of smoke also makes it possible for gas systems to vent out of the side of the house rather than through the roof. This makes it possible to install gas fireplaces in spots that either couldn’t have wood fireplaces or could only have them at great expense, such as on lower floors of buildings without pre-existing chimneys.

Ease of Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits that people enjoy with gas fireplaces is that they don’t generate piles of ashes. The ashes left by wood need to be shoveled out of a wood-burning fireplace after just one or two fires, and doing so can be a big mess because the ashes can get on the floor during the cleaning process. Wood also produces creosote that has to be cleaned from the chimney on a regular basis.

Gas, on the other hand, leaves no ashes behind. It also does not produce creosote, so the chimney does not need nearly as much attention as one that handles wood smoke. While a gas fireplace chimney or vent does need occasional cleaning and inspection, this is a rare occurrence.

These are the two main reasons people like to have gas fireplaces installed. Thanks to advances in artificial log manufacturing, there is one other benefit: They can produce beautiful fires. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that gas fireplaces are popular. Stop by Energy Saver’s showroom located in Oakdale, Minnesota to view the many floor model displays and ask any additional questions about your installation needs.