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Many adults today are concerned about the environment and their own personal effect on it. More and more homeowners are realizing that a sustainable home is less expensive in the long run and better for the planet. There are many updates a homeowner can make over time to make a big impact. Consider some of the following options for your new years resolution.

Efficient Appliances

From dishwashers to washing machines, there are now many appliances that cut down on the electricity and water used in each cycle or day. Toilets can even be installed with two settings for light or heavy waste flushes. A home with efficient appliances costs less. HVAC can also be installed in the form of ductless systems that are pricier to install, but much more cost effective each month.

Energy Efficient Fixtures

Whenever a light switch, bulb, showerhead or other fixture needs to be replaced, homeowners should look for energy efficient options. Dimmer switches that look like normal light switches allow a smooth control to the brightness of the light and then click off when flicked down. Energy saving plug controls can even be connected to a smartphone app to ensure all necessary power is off when the residents are out of the home. Current CFL and halogen bulbs are able to burn brighter and longer at a lower wattage, requiring less energy for the same amount of light.


Reducing drafts and leaks in the home will prevent unnecessary HVAC usage. Doors and windows are often the biggest culprits of leak, with cracks or broken seals. Tests can be done to ensure the home is draft-free. Trees can also be strategically planted to reduce the amount of full-on sun that the home gets during the hottest points of the day.


Wood burning fireplaces and gas burning fireplaces in eastern Minnesota cities or western Wisconsin cities are a great way to stay cozy during the winter and reducing the energy needed for heating. Wood burning fireplaces should only be used to burn wood and should be cleaned every year to reduce the potential fire hazard from soot build-up in the chimney. Gas burning fireplaces require minimum maintenance and often use less BTU’s than your average furnace.

Rain Barrels

The Recycling Association of Minnesota sells rain barrels for helping homeowners collect rainwater and reduce the water processing and waste. Experts agree that rain water is ideal for watering gardens, watering the grass and even watering animals.

Compost Piles

Many homeowners don’t realize leftover food is extremely hard on the home plumbing system and causes many clogs each year. While it seems better to rinse food down into a disposal than throw it in the trash, grease is hard on the sewer system and food gets caught deep in the pipes where only a large rotor can reach. Scraping all food into a bucket to add to a compost pile is a much better and more sustainable way to go, since food often can’t properly break down in the garbage heap. And it creates great food for your garden’s soil!

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